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Solo Walks

One-on-one walk in the neighborhood.

30 min


1 hour


Private Walks for Your Pup's Ultimate Comfort and Safety

If you're looking for a way to give your furry friend some extra attention and care during their daily exercise routine, then a solo walk might be the perfect option!  A solo walk is a one-on-one experience with an expert dog walker that is tailored to your dog's needs and preferences.


During a solo walk, your dog will have the undivided attention of an expert dog walker as they explore every corner of your neighborhood and surrounding areas. This is a great option for dogs who may feel uncomfortable around other dogs or are easily distracted. A solo walk allows your dog to go at their own pace and take in the sights and smells of their surroundings without feeling rushed.


With a solo walk, your furry friend can get the exercise they need while also enjoying some quality one-on-one time with me. Together, we will practice trail manners as well as simple commands such as sit, stay, and leave it.


If you're interested in scheduling a solo walk for your dog, feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your dog's individual needs.

Solo Walk Details:

We are thrilled to provide personalized solo walks for your furry pal, where the experience is all about their happiness. Together, we will stroll through your Beverly Hills, Westwood, Bel Air, or Brentwood neighborhood and surrounding areas, allowing your dog to relish the beautiful views and enjoy a good sniff fest of everything on the other wise of their front door!  


Let us give you the scoop on what you can expect from our service: 

Walk Time: 


You can choose between quick 30-minute strolls or full 60-minute walks. We’re happy to customize the walk length to fit your dog's individual exercise needs. While some breeds may require shorter walks, others may need more extended exercise. 


We offer solo walks in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Don't hesitate to Contact Us, and we can work together to find the perfect time for you and your furry friend!  


Additional Perks: 


Fresh water and treats are provided to keep them hydrated and happy. You’ll also receive photos during your dog’s walk as well as an after-walk report of how your furry friend did on their outing. If your pup needs any medication after their walk, we are happy to accommodate. Additionally, we use positive reinforcement and stay-and-sit commands to support at-home training and practice good trail manners.  

Additional Rates:
+ $5/additional dog in the family

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